starting to get the hang of IT


Windows based free software

Adobe Acrobat Reader X 10.0.1

DVDFlick – a program to author DVD titles – OPEN SOURCE ( )

Firefox 4.0 – first release

Opera browser 11 .10

Total Commander 7.56a

FFDshow codec pack rev 3814 of 2011.04.11

Gimp 2.6.11 ( The GNU Image Manipulation Program)  – 32 bit installer

Notepad++ 5.9 (very usefull alternative for text editor )

PDF Split And Merge (PDFsam) 2.2.1

Putty – a free telnet/ssh client and much more  – installer version 0.60

VLC player – Video Lan Client – 1.1.9

Winamp 5.61  – english and romanian

Winrar (archive manager) 32 bit version and 64 bit version

Linux based free software


All of the above downloads are property of the respective developers/programmers/companies who own the copyright of the software, they are avaible for download because  they’re shareware/freeware.


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